Academic Advising

Petition Information

There are two main petition processes at Cleveland State University. First is the College Petition, which is used for College related issues. The second type is the University Petition, which is typically used for any other issue the College petition doesn't cover or for University General Education issues.

College Petitions are for Undergraduate use only.
Graduate Students go to the College of Graduate Studies for forms


College petitions are used for the following issues:

Do you need to add a course after the deadline?

PDF icon Retroactive Registration of a course(s)--use this form once the college deadline to add courses has passed. No classes beyond the first week can be late added without the college petition form.


Do you need to withdraw from a course after the deadline?

PDF icon Petition for Late Withdrawal.pdfPDF icon Withdrawing late from courses--this form is to be used once the university deadline has passed to withdraw, typically week 10 of the semester. You must indicate in your narrative whether the withdraw is complete (all course enrolled) or selective (only specific course(s).


Do you need to be readmitted into the College of Engineering after suspension?

PDF icon Readmission to the college after suspension--Academic standing requires students to remain out of CSU for two terms. If you are unsure about your standing please talk to your academic advisor. In addition to the petition, a student narrative, and the PDF icon Academic Success Contract.pdf must be completed and turned in.


Are you looking for something that is not listed above?

Other--use the PDF icon Student Petition Form_new.pdfif no other form covers what you need.



Grade Dispute Form

ThisPDF icon Grade Dispute.pdf  form should only be used only after the student has talked with the instructor of the graded course in dispute. If it cannot be resolved then the following process should be followed:

  1. Once the instructor confirms he/she isn't going to change the grade, then
  2. The instructor must prepare a written response, that response along with the petition form, must be presented to the Department Chair to find a resolution by the student. Lastly,
  3. If no resolution, the student must submit this form, and all narratives, instructor and chair to the College Petition Committee for review.

if a resolution is found either at the instructor or chair level then a grade change form can be submitted. Grade Disputes must be submitted no later than the last day of instruction for the semester immediately following the semester the course was taken, for example the end of spring term for a course in fall.



University Petitions

The PDF icon UniversityPetition_CSU.pdf form can be used for any of the following situations

  1. Waiver of a university requirement--for example, waiving one arts and humanities general education course.
  2. Application of an unapproved course to a university requirement.
  3. Waiver of residency to go to another school once you have reached 60 credit hours.
  4. Restoration of university catalog rights.
  5. Other--consult with your advisor about which petition form you need (university or college) for your unique issue if its not covered by one of the already listed categories.