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Categories for BEST Medicine Engineering Fair

Projects for participation in BEST Medicine Engineering Fair must fall into an approved category. The Scientific Review Committee has the authority to change or add project categories as necessary.

Biomaterials/Polymer Medicine: A natural or synthetic material, such as a metal or polymer, that is suitable for introduction into living tissue especially, as part of a medical device (as an artificial joint). Polymer medicine involves macromolecules.
Cardiovascular/ Soft Tissue Wound Healing: Relating to, or involving the heart and blood vessels. The healing of an injury to the body that typically involves laceration or breaking of a membrane, such as the skin, and usually damage to underlying tissues.
Clinical Trials: A scientifically controlled study of the safety and effectiveness of a therapy using consenting human subjects (Note that Institution Review Board (IRB) approval is required – even for studies that involve surveys).
Health/Medicine: The study of health and disease in humans or animals, including disease diagnosis, causes of disease, ways of treating disease, medical procedures, alternative therapies for diseases, or the way in which the human or animal body functions normally.
Medical Device: An instrument, apparatus, implant, or similar article that is used to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease or other conditions, and does not achieve its purposes through chemical action within or on the body.
Modeling/Simulation/Medical IT: The use of a device to imitate or represent reality, such as computer models of human physiology to test a new medical device or biomechanical model. Medical technology involves the development, maintenance, and use of computer systems, software and networks for the processing and distribution of data.
Musculoskeletal: Relating to the musculature and skeleton together. Disorders affect muscles, bones, joints, tendons and ligaments.
Sensors/Imaging: Involving technologies used to view the body in order to diagnose, monitor, or treat medical conditions. For example, blood pressure measurements, ultrasound, and temperature monitoring.
Value-driven Engineering: Redesigning an essential medical device and making it less complex at an affordable price without compromising quality

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