Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Aidin Rashidi Receives the Excellent Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Aidin RashidiAidin Rashidi, a Chemical Engineering doctoral student, received the Excellent Achievement Award in Research in Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics. This award recognizes and rewards graduate students for sustained and substantial research and creative scholarship contributions in their field of study. Aidin’s research is titled: "Influence of cap weight on the motion of a Janus particle very near a wall." The reviewers were extremely impressed with Mr. Rashidi’s work and wish him continued success in his research and other professional endeavors. 

A plaque to commemorate the award will be presented to Aidin Rashidi at the Graduate Student Awards Ceremony and Reception, where award recipients and honored guests will recognize the award winners and celebrate their accomplishments. The ceremony and reception will occur in Spring Semester 2019.