Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Dhananjai B. Shah

Dr. Dhananjai B. Shah

Faculty Emeritus

Ph.D., Chemical Engineering
Michigan State University

Adsorption and Diffusion in Zeolites, Dynamic Behavior of Adsorption Columns, Transport Phenomena and Wastewater Treatment.

Research Interests

Diffusion In Zeolites

As an outgrowth of our synthesis program, research is underway to study the diffusion of gases in zeolites. Considerable discrepancies exist in the literature over the values of diffusion coefficients for the simplest gas/zeolite systems. With the use of large zeolites crystals, many of these concerns have been resolved. We have developed a new insight into the transport of gases in these microporous solids.

Adsorption and Diffusion in Zeolites by Pulse Chromatography

Pulse chromatographic technique has been successfully used to determine the pure component and binary sorption equilibria and diffusion coefficients of various adsorbates in zeolites. The experimental technique and the method of data analysis is simple. The method, along with the gravimetric technique is being used to study sorption and diffusion of various adsorbates in zeolites.

Dynamic Behavior of Adsorption Columns

Dynamic behavior of adsorption column has been studied extensively for single component adsorption. However, most of these studies have used adsorption from dilute solutions. Under these conditions, one can assume constant fluid phase velocity through the bed and isothermal operation. These assumptions are not valid for the case of bulk adsorption. Work is in progress to experimentally measure the breakthrough curves for bulk adsorption and compare them with the predictions from a model that accounts for the changing velocity of the fluid phase and the nonisothermal nature of the adsorption.