Fenn Academy

Benefits of Membership


Membership Benefits for Member High Schools

Membership benefits includes, but are not limited to the following privileges for Scholars:

  • Access to the “Shadow an Engineer” program;
  • CSU Faculty Speakers program that would present a variety of lecture topics and presentations designed around the needs of students;
  • Access to CSU’s video-conferencing facilities;
  • Access to certain CSU facilities;
  • High school curriculum consultation and curriculum alignment;
  • Early co-op and career counseling programs;
  • Enhanced opportunities for scholarships and corporate sponsorships;
  • Collaborative projects with high school teachers and CSU College of Engineering faculty;
  • Interactions with professional engineering associations and student chapters;

Membership benefits include, but are not limited to, the following privileges for high school teachers:

  • Access to CSU’s teaching/learning workshops;
  • Joint proposals to acquire funding for educational initiatives;
  • Potential access to speakers from industry to speak on technological and job related issues;


Membership Benefits for Corporations

  • To prepare a future generation of engineers and scientists in adequate numbers to serve the Ohio industry and achieve greater economic development for the region;
  • Opportunity to provide encouragement to high school students to consider various engineering fields within the company’s core competencies;
  • Opportunity to provide feedback regarding the academic curriculum content and programs;
  • Possible early opportunity to encourage students to consider co-op positions, internships, and employment;
  • Work more closely with Fenn College faculty on various collaborative initiatives;
  • Scholarship recipients, supported by a corporation, will be designated as that corporation’s Scholars;
  • The corporation will have representation on the Oversight Board of Academy