Fenn Academy

Mission of Fenn Academy

  • To collaborate with member high schools in educational activities that would stimulate and encourage 9 th – 12 th grade students to pursue careers in engineering and technology and to provide technical, and when possible, financial support to those students.
  • To disseminate scientific and technological knowledge to the younger generation.
  • To assist high school science and technology teachers with state-of-the-art technologies, training and access to certain laboratory facilities.
  • To introduce high school students to college life.
  • To educate the technical workforce for the region’s industry.
Benefits for Participating High Schools
  • Participation in Washkewicz's College’s Engineer-For-A-Day job shadowing program for high school students at local corporations.
  • Participation in half-day engineering lab tour activities and summer camps.
  • Access to Cleveland State University’s facilities.
  • High school curriculum consultation and curriculum alignment.
  • Early Cooperative Education and Career Counseling Programs.
  • Enhanced opportunities for scholarships and corporate sponsorships.
  • Collaborative projects with area high school teachers.
  • Interaction with professional engineering associations and student chapter organizations.
  • Access to Cleveland State University’s teacher/learning workshops.
Fenn Academy Programs
  • Engineering Activity Days
  • The Engineer For A Day Job Shadowing Program