Great Lakes Wind Energy Challenges

Great Lakes Wind Energy Challenges

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Project Overview

The GLWind REU Program provides a diverse group of undergraduate students with an authentic, engaging learning and research training experience and professional growth opportunities in the broad areas of wind energy.  REU students will join research groups of 10 faculty mentors at the Cleveland State University (CSU) and the Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) in Cleveland, Ohio. Ten REU students will work closely with diverse faculty mentors from the mechanical, civil & environmental, aerospace engineering and law school, Industrial leaders, and other fellow students.

Each summer the GLWind REU site will support ten undergraduate students for ten-week summer research consisting of (i) participation in ongoing wind energy research in learning and research communities at CSU and CWRU, (ii) weekly seminars of wind research frontier and professional development, (iii) field visits of utility-scale wind turbines on the CWRU campus and the NASA Glenn Research Center, and (iv) research communication/dissemination at undergraduate student poster competition, conferences and the potential participation in the DOE Collegian Wind Competition.

The GLWind REU program offers student participants the following:

  • 10-week intensive summer research training in wind energy fields;
  • Professional development and career-building activities for academia and industry opportunities;
  • A stipend of $6000 for ten weeks; Housing at CSU/CWRU at no charge; $300 offset the food cost; up to $500 funds for travel between Cleveland and home city; up to $600 conference travel funds to conferences for accepted summer REU presentations.

U.S. citizens and permanent residents (Green card holders) who are enrolled as undergraduate students are eligible. Under-represented minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply. The opportunity will be posted on the CSU, CWRU websites and the NSF ETAP website. 

Key elements of this project include:

  • Research and learning communities on the CSU and CWRU campuses, that allow REU students to interact with experienced researchers and peers, obtain rigorous research training, and grow towards becoming independent researchers in the GLWind REU program and beyond;
  • Research and professional development seminars in which REU students gain insights from experts of various perspectives and learn strategies for research, networking, graduate school, and job applications;
  • Participation in ongoing wind energy research projects at CSU and CWRU, covering wind assessment, wind power generation, environmental impact, and regulatory frameworks for the integration of renewable power systems, supported by wind expertise, excellent facilities and experimental/computational resources at partnering labs; 
  • Research communication and dissemination activities, i.e., a poster competition, featured student videos, presentation in professional conferences, and potential journal publications;
  • Field trips and social activities to develop a sense of community and enhance student-faculty, student-mentor, and student-student connection, start a network for future collaboration and professional development and have a long-term impact beyond the GLWind REU program.

Key Dates:
Jan. 10th, 2024: Application open
March 25th, 2024: Application close
April 5th, 2024: Selected REU students receive program and travel information
May 1st - May 20th, 2024: Research preparation by webinar series
May 29th - August 2th, 2024 (Weeks 1 -10): Research activities at CSU/CWRU