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Prospective Students

Dear Prospective Students,

Washkewicz College has been delivering engineering excellence since 1923, and counts among its many graduates CEOs, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Following are some highlights about our “world class” alumni, students and faculty, including what some of them have to say about the quality of a Washkewicz College of Engineering education.

Donald Washkewicz, BS (1972)
Chairman of the Board and CEO
Parker Hannifin Corporation

As a leader of one of the major engineering firms in the world, Mr. Washkewicz strongly endorses the Washkewicz College of Engineering, stating: “Fenn College was the engineering school of choice for my family.  My father, uncle, brother, and I all attended Fenn and went on to become Licensed Professional Engineers in the state of Ohio.  I found Cleveland State’s Fenn College of Engineering to be a challenging and first-rate school which prepared me for industry – not only by the curriculum offered, but most importantly, by teaching me how to use deductive logic in solving problems.  Seldom a day passes that I don’t draw on the problem-solving ability I developed at the Fenn College of Engineering.”

Eugene P. Baxendale, P.E., 1977, BSIE
President/CEO, The Osborn Engineering Company

Mr. Baxendale, an industrial engineer, has managed many of Northeast Ohio’s major projects over the past fifteen years, including 'Cleveland Browns' stadium; Jacobs Field; research and testing facilities at NASA Glenn Research Center, and the historic Society for Savings Bank, Key Tower development in downtown Cleveland.  He has also been active in civic affairs, including the Cleveland Engineering Society.  Mr.Baxendale is currently a member of the Washkewicz College of Engineering Visiting Committee, the college’s advisory board, and has also participated in the University’s annual Executive Forum.

Steve G. Belovich, MSEE (1983), DRE (1987)
President/CEO, SmartData, Inc. 

Dr. Belovich, an electrical engineer, leads SmartData, Inc., a software engineering company specializing in the design of virus-immune business software.  Dr. Belovich also served as an Assistant Professor in the Electrical Engineering Department at Cleveland State University’s Washkewicz College of Engineering.  He has won numerous awards including IEEE Student Member of the Year (1987); Electrical Engineering Department Faculty Member of the Year (1990); Weatherhead 100 Award (for top growth Ohio companies); and the EDI Innovation Award for SmartData software (2000).

Dr. Roshanak Hakimzadeh, MSEE (1986)
Chief of the Photovoltaic and Space Environments Branch
NASA Glenn Research Center

Dr. Hakimzadeh is an outstanding leader at NASA and an excellent role model for future engineers and scientists, especially young women who aspire to someday join the space program.  As an electrical engineer, she is known for her work in the development of novel solar cells for space applications, an achievement that will assist in further deep space and planetary exploration.  She is one of two recipients of NASA’s Federal Women’s Program Awards for exceptional outreach to young people.

Mr. Tom Roberts, BSME and JD (1974)
President and CEO
Roberts Consultants, Inc.

As a mechanical engineer, Mr. Roberts leads a firm that offers engineering and construction administration services.  During the company’s twenty years of operation, Robert’s firm has completed several hundred projects-totaling nearly $200 million, including work on several different government construction projects for CMHA, RTA, CSU and the Ohio State Penitentiary . His work on the Defiance College Library received an award from the Ohio Association of Minority Architects and Engineers.  In addition to his mechanical engineering degree, Mr. Roberts also has a law degree from the Cleveland Marshall College of Law.

Mr. James MacMillan, BSME (1989)
Vice President/Partner
Karpinski Engineering, Inc.

Mr. MacMillan, a mechanical engineer, oversaw the design and construction of the new CSU Recreation Center, the renovation of the Howe Mansion, the CSU Rhodes Plaza renovation and additional renovations to CSU’s Main Classroom Building.  He is recognized among his peers for his work in making buildings more environmentally friendly by using technologies like geothermal energy, readily seen in the Trinity Cathedral Commons complex.  He has been civically involved in the Cleveland Engineering Society, and has participated generously with his time and talent to support high school job shadowing programs, the Fenn College Alumni Association, the Greater Cleveland National Engineers Week Committee, and numerous speaking engagements for engineering student organization events.

Nancy L. Grugle, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Cleveland State University

“The Fenn College of Engineering provides many opportunities for students to work directly with their professors and to participate in real-world engineering projects.  In my area of Industrial Engineering – Human Factors Engineering – we focus on the human side of engineering.  Students from many different majors including Industrial Engineering, Computer Science ,and Psychology combine their knowledge to design products that are user-friendly, safe and efficient.  For example, Cleveland State students who are interested in transportation safety have the opportunity to use a state-of-the-art driving simulator to determine the safest and most user friendly way to design displays and controls for cutting-edge in-vehicle technologies such as internet access in passenger cars.”

Aissata Diouf
Electrical Engineering

“My education at Cleveland State has provided me with the confidence that I can accomplish anything that is related to my field of Electrical Engineering.  My classes provided me with the tools that I can apply in my chosen field.”