Current Student Resources

Tutoring for Undergraduate Engineering Students

Courses Available for Tutoring

  • ESC 201 - Statics
  • ESC 202 - Dynamics
  • ESC 211 - Strength of Materials
  • ESC 250 - Differential Equations
  • ESC 282 - Engineering Economy
  • ESC 321 - Thermodynamics
  • EEC 310 - Electric Circuits
  • ESC 311 - Electric Circuits 2
  • Computer Science has an available tutor in FH 128.  See sign posted in the back area of that location for the tutor's weekly availability. 

How to Sign Up for Free Engineering Tutoring in Starfish

Engineering Tutors are either Honors or Graduate engineering students.  Help is available in many but not all, engineering courses.  Tutoring is free.  The number of hours that the tutors are available is limited.  Please enroll early in the semester.  Tutoring takes place in the TASC office (BH233).  Tutoring may be either one-on-one or in small groups of students who are taking the same class.

Alternative and limited help may be available by scheduling an appointment with your engineering professor or his/her teaching assistant (TA), if available.

1.  Log into Starfish via your CampusNet Account (click on "Starfish" in your student tab).

2.  Click on the "Home" link in the upper left corner, then find the "Courses I'm Taking" section.  If tutoring is offered for your class, you will find a link in "Services."  Click on "See available appointments."

3.  Pick the day that you would like to start tutoring on (available days will be in bold), then sign up for the time that will work with your schedule.  You are scheduling a recurring, weekly tutoring appointment, so make sure that the time slot you pick works throughout the semester!

4.  Follow the instructions on the screens.  Call the Tutoring and Academic Success Center (TASC) at (216) 687-2012 if you need help.  TASC is located in the Main Classroom Building, BH233.