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About Us

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We believe the future of Cleveland depends on CSU, and the future of CSU is dependent on Cleveland. Therefore, the Washkewicz College of Engineering (WCE) will focus on providing value to our students through social mobility and value to Cleveland through economic impact and improved quality of life. WCE aspires to be the premier anchor college of engineering for Cleveland and Northeast Ohio by being a significant contributor to the economic vitality and quality of life for the region. WCE also aspires to be a beacon college of engineering that attracts accomplished faculty and staff and talented students from the region, nationally and internationally by being a national leader in providing social mobility to our students.


  • Prepare our graduates for jobs of the future by offering forward-thinking, innovative, market-driven programs with stackable credentials;
  • Transfer the outcomes of our multidisciplinary research and practice to meet regional needs and opportunities for growth; and
  • Create opportunities for faculty and students by fostering collaboration across the University and across the region.

Core Values

  • Engaged learning and the transformative power of education
  • Community support and career development
  • Excellence and balance in teaching, research and service
  • Collaboration across all boundaries
  • Integrity and fair dealing, tolerance and respect
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion


Washkewicz College of Engineering is a college within Cleveland State University located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. Engineering is fundamental and essential for solving the challenges facing humanity, including securing clean and sustainable energy, assuring economic growth, as well as developing affordable and high-quality health care. The Washkewicz College of Engineering addresses these challenges via focused teaching and research on the needs and resources of Northeastern Ohio, with the particular focus on Sustainable Urban Living.  We center our attention around Innovative Manufacturing, Human Health, and Sustainable Design.

The faculty, students, and staff of the College are multicultural and diverse. We continue to work towards inclusiveness and equity to create a welcoming environment for all members of the college and to reflect the community in which we reside. We are forward-thinking, innovative, experiential, and collaborative. Learn more from our Strategic Plan.


The Washkewicz College of Engineering offers degrees in the following engineering disciplines: Chemical and Biomedical, Civil and Environmental, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering, as well as contemporary degrees in Data Science, Electronic Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology. All of Cleveland State University's Engineering programs offer bachelor's and master's degrees in their respective disciplines. A college-wide interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering degree is also available, including a specialization in Applied Biomedical Engineering (in conjunction with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic Foundation.)

The college is home to nearly 2,200 students and is located on the campus of Cleveland State University in the heart of downtown Cleveland - a highly industrialized metropolitan area that includes more than one-fifth of the state's population. Students have the option of participating in the University's Cooperative Education Program. A significant number of scholarships are available to new and current students, see our Scholarships section.

History of the Washkewicz College of Engineering

Since 1923, the Washkewicz (Fenn) College of Engineering at Cleveland State University has provided a tradition of high quality undergraduate and graduate education in engineering, engineering technology and computer science. In today's technology-driven world, engineering is increasingly important to the global marketplace. Because the present and future well-being of the United States is intrinsically linked with continued industrial growth, trained engineering professionals and technologists are thus increasingly in great demand.

Cleveland State University’s historical roots go back to the 19th century. During the 1880s, the Cleveland YMCA began to offer day and evening courses to students who did not otherwise have access to higher education. The YMCA program was reorganized in 1906 as the Association Institute, and this in turn was established as Fenn College in 1929. A significant contribution of Fenn College was its pioneering work in developing internships for students in engineering and business. These internships, as joint ventures between the college and local businesses and industries, provided students with professional contacts and experience as well as an affordable education. Historic Fenn Tower, now student housing, still stands as a reminder of the early years, when Fenn College was known as the "Campus in the Clouds."

In 2005, a new history of Washkewicz (Fenn) College, as told through photographs, was released by Arcadia Press, Campus History Series. The book contains rare photographs illustrating not only the academic history of the College, but also the campus life and times during which it has made its mark.

Since its inception, Washkewicz (Fenn) College has worked hard to provide a quality education to those pursuing a technology career, regardless of background. Learn more about our history from our Fenn Centennial Celebration here.