Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

BSCS Course Syllabi

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CIS 151 Invitation to Computing Vijay Konangi
CIS 260 Introduction to Programming Yongjian Fu
CIS 265 Data Structures & Algorithms Yongjian Fu
CIS 335 Language Processors Janche Sang
CIS 340 System Programming Haodong Wang
CIS 345 Operating System Principles  
CIS 368 OO Design and Programming Yongjian Fu
CIS 390 Introduction to Algorithms Haodong Wang
CIS 408 Internet Programming Sunnie Chung
CIS 424/524 Programming Languages Janche Sang
CIS 430/530 Database Systems and Processing Sunnie Chung
CIS 433 System Analysis Methods Yongjian Fu
CIS 434 Software Engineering  
CIS 454 Data Communications and Networking Janche Sang
CIS 465 Multimedia Yongjian Fu
CIS 467 Artificial Intelligence Pooyan Fazli 
CIS 470 Mobile Application Development Yongjian Fu
CIS 475 Computer Security  
CIS 480 Computer Architecture Sanchita Mal-Sarkar
CIS 490 Foundations of Computing Yongjian Fu
CIS 493 Hands-on Experience on Computer System Security