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Quantum Computing Research

Cleveland State University (CSU) is establishing its expertise in theComputer Chip exciting field of Quantum Computing in partnership with CSU T.E.C.H. Hub and CSforCLE. CSU researchers across four departments, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), Mathematics, Physics, and Information Systems, partner and collaborate with government and private industry, particularly Cleveland Clinic, to develop and deliver innovative engineering solutions in Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning as well as in Quantum Sensing and Quantum Error Correction, and Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).


  •  Partners
  • CSU Faculty: Drs. Sathish Kumar (EECS), Mehdi Rahmati (EECS), Janche Sang (EECS), Sanchita Mal-Sarkar (EECS), Haodong Wang (EECS), Lili Dong (EECS), Chansu Yu (EECS), Hiram Lopez (MATH), Gregory Lupton (MATH), Petru Fodor (PHY), Andrew Resnick (PHY), Kiril Streletky (PHY), and Charles McElroy (IS)
  • Sponsors & Supporters: National Science Foundation (NSF), Ohio Department of Higher Education, Cleveland Clinic, and New America


  • Drs. Sang, Lopez, and Rahmati team-teach CIS 492/593 Quantum Computing in Fall 2022, the first of this kind at CSU. Here is the syllabus and one of six hands-on labs.
  • CSforCLE partnered with Qubit by Qubit to offer a summer camp in Summer 2022 for high school students on Quantum Computing. Qubit by Qubit (QxQ), one of the initiatives by The Coding School (TCS), focuses on training the future diverse quantum workforce through accessible quantum computing training. QxQ is the global leader in quantum education with partnerships with 200+ schools and school districts, universities and companies, including IBM and Google.
  • Research grant - Collaborative Research: Evaluation Codes, Duals, and ApplicationsQuantum Computing
    • National Science Foundation, August 2022 - July 2025, $247,013
    • PI: Dr. Hiram Lopez Valdez
    • Collaborator: Dr. Gretchen Matthews at Virginia Tech University
    • The investigators will focus on designing codes and algorithms which recover erased data or correct errors using less information than traditional methods, building frameworks for use in practical settings, and employing them in quantum error correction.
  •  Research grant - Expand QISE: Track 1: RLQSC: Reinforcement Learning for the Optimal Design of Programmable Quantum Sensor Circuit
    • National Science Foundation, September 2022 - August 2025, $799,985
    • PI: Dr. Sathish Kumar
    • The project aims to create and evaluate quantum and classical reinforcement learning-based agents for the optimal design of programmable quantum sensor circuit. The resulting technology from this research project will allow for better meters of the physical world with a breadth of applications that bridge many fields of science. The outcomes from this project will have a positive impact on the precision quantum-enhanced metrology measurements systems, such as the Noisy Intermediate Scale Quantum devices.
  • Research grant - The PIT Quantum Computing Training PipelineCleveland Quantum Computing Design
    • New America, January 2023 - April 20-24, $180,000
    • PI: Dr. Charles McElroy
    • Quantum Computing uses quantum mechanics to solve problems too complex for classical computers. Quantum Computing will impact Public Interest Technology through medical research, cyber security, and climate change. This project is designed to ensure that the Quantum Computing future workforce includes an increased number of Black students, Latinx students, and Female students. Our goal is to provide a diverse student pipeline for over 60% of the Quantum Computing internships at the Cleveland Clinic to be filled by the targeted student group by leveraging two existing partnerships (CSforCLE & Discovery Accelerator).



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