Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


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  • Exploratory particle swarm optimization: Stability and robot control tuning, Master's Thesis, December 2015
    • Student: Armin Rashvand
  • Optimal design and control of a lower-limb prosthesis with energy regeneration, Master's Thesis, August 2015
    • Student: Holly Warner












  • Improving web navigation for wireless users by web usage mining
    • Student: Hironmoy Paul
    • Advisor: Dr. Yongjian Fu
  • De-centralized coordinated control of modular DC to DC power converters
    • Student: Michael Gray
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Aggressive threshold-based wavelet filtering for real-time digital control feedback
    • Student: Ivan Jurcic
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Active disturbance rejection controller design for an X Y table positioning system
    • Student: Ramanathan Narayanan
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Applications of active disturbance rejection and a new parameter estimation method
    • Student: Tong Ren
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Improving the security of the AODV routing protocol
    • Student: Snehal Ganjigatti
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • Design of a HLA-based ground-cluster distributed simulation
    • Student: Thong Luu
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • Simulated performance of mobile-IP over VDL modes two and three
    • Student: Robert Murawski
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • Analysis and implementation of a synchronous buck converter used as an intermediate stage of an HID ballast
    • Student: Sergey Vernyuk
    • Advisor: Dr. Ana Stankovic
  • Coding techniques for M-ary amplitude shift keying orthogonal frequency division multiplexing system
    • Student: Mukul Gandhi
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • Further generalization of the unique spreading sequence in generalized direct-sequence spread spectrum
    • Student: Ranga Kalakuntla
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • Robust symbol timing for mobile aeronautical satellite communications systems
    • Student: Stanley Pinchak
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • An asymptotic analysis of the worst-case performance of coded generalized direct sequence spread spectrum
    • Student: Sree Upadhyayula
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • Coded generalized direct sequence spread spectrum with specific codes
    • Student: Manohar Vellala
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • Clustered mobility model and effect of node clustering in multi hop wireless networks
    • Student: Vikram Rawa
    • Advisor: Dr. Chansu Yu
  • Performance Evaluation of Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    • Student: Kalyan Kalepu
    • Advisor: Dr. Chansu Yu
  • Performance Evaluation of Energy Efficient Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
    • Student: Nischala Uppala
    • Advisor: Dr. Chansu Yu
  • Field oriented control of Step motors
    • Student: BhavinKumar Shah
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon
  • Dynamometer proportional load control
    • Student: Srujan Kusumba
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon
  • On optimization of sensor selection for aircraft gas turbine engines
    • Student: Ramgopal Mushini
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon
  • Linearization and health estimation of a tubofan engine
    • Student: Bharath Reddy Endurthi
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon
  • Kalman Filtering for Uncertain Noise Covariances
    • Student: SriKiran Kosanam
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon
  • Radial basis function neuro controller for a PM stepper motor
    • Student: SaiKiran Gumma
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon



  • Frequency synchronization study for MASK-OFDM systems
    • Student: Yan Ma
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • New mathematical models for analyzing power quality of lighting products
    • Student: Nayeem Sayed
    • Advisor: Dr. Ana Stankovic
  • AMSS performance in the aeronautical telecommunications network
    • Student: Claudio Ripamonti
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • Comparison of data link protocols for formation flying satellites
    • Student: Eric Megla
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • Modeling and simulation of VDL modes 2, 3, and 4 in the ATN
    • Student: Steven Bretmersky
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • A nonlinear digital control solution for a DC/DC power converter
    • Student: Minshao Zhu
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • A novel adaptive cruise control system design and implementation
    • Student: Ali Maleki
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Comparative study of differentiation and integration techniques for feedback control systems
    • Student: Jing Liu
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Lyapunov-Based Control of Unbalanced Pulse-Width Modulation Boost Type Rectifiers
    • Student: Daniel Tuma
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon


  • Coded noncoherent OFDM in frequency hopping multiple access networks
    • Student: Arafat Dweik
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • MASK-OFDM modulator and demodulator implementation using FPGA
    • Student: Haiying Deng
    • Advisor: Dr. Fuqin Xiong
  • A closed loop feedback method for a manual bar straightener
    • Student: Robert Miklosovic
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • On high performance servo control algorithms for hard disk drive
    • Student: Shaohua Hu
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Novel control approaches for web tension regulation
    • Student: Yi Hou
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • Emission Control System for an X-Ray Tube
    • Student: Jaisingh Rajwade
    • Advisor: Dr. Dan Simon


  • Three-dimensional simulations of PPM focused helical traveling-wave tubes
    • Student: Carol Kory
    • Advisor: Dr. Haq Qureshi
  • Modeling and simulation of SAFE and FTP for satellite systems
    • Student: Eric Knoblock
    • Advisor: Dr. Vijay Konangi
  • A model-based approach to vibration analysis and diagnosis
    • Student: Ihab Wattar
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao
  • A novel feedback control approach to a class of antilock brake problems
    • Student: Fangjun Jiang
    • Advisor: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao