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Alumni Adapt 47 Toys for RePlay for Kids

Listen to the Toy Modification Workshop story that appeared on WVIZ and WCPN 

The Foxes’ Den at CSU’s Washkewicz College of Engineering was transformed into Santa’s Workshop Wednesday, December 2, as over 40 alumni and friends gathered to adapt 47 toys to benefit children with disabilities as part of the College’s annual Toy Modification Workshop. The event benefitted RePlay for Kids, a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the availability of toys and assistive devices for children with disabilities.

Alumni and friends adapted mainstream, battery-operated toys by placing a switch cable in parallel with the original on/off switch, allowing the toy to be operated by an alternative on/off switch that is plugged into the cable. This alternative on/off switch is larger and easier for children with disabilities to use.

“It is great to see so many of our alumni and friends come each year and support this wonderful cause,” said Paul Pawlaczyk, Manager of External Affairs and Communications with the Washkewicz College of Engineering. “This event brings out the holiday spirit in all who participate.”

On Dec. 3, Replay for Kids conducted its annual Adapted Toy Giveaway, where over 1,000 adapted toys collected over the course of the year were given to 24 agencies in Northeast Ohio who provide services to children with disabilities.

“It is an honor to be part of a program that makes such a positive difference for children in our community,” said Pawlaczyk.

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Photo of Adapted Toys Soldering with Soldering Glasses Down