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Dr. Sathish Kumar Receives Grant from Cuyahoga County Department of Health

Dr. Sathish Kumr, an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, has received $234,043 from the Cuyahoga County Department of Health, entitled "Establishing Linkage to Care." The project is a collaboration with Dr. Patricia Stoddard Dare, Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Social Work and Associate Professor, Dr. Nicholas C. Zingal, Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.

Studies have indicated that many substance users and their family members experience a short window of time when they are willing to engage in treatment voluntarily; thus, this difficulty can be a substantial roadblock to recovery. The difficulty in finding an available substance abuse treatment facility also prevents others who come in contact with substance users from connecting substance users with available treatment, including law enforcement officers, social workers, and medical/emergency personnel. Therefore, establishing linkage to care is an important component to solve the opioid epidemic, reduce overdoses, and promote recovery. In this project we explore how intelligent agents, data science, mobile app and web-based technologies can help establish a linkage to care and improve efficiency in service delivery.

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