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Engineering Professors Honored with Distinguished Faculty Award

Dr. Lili Dong, Associate Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science department has been selected to receive Cleveland State University’s 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award for Teaching and Dr. Hanz Richter, Associate Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department was selected to receive CSU’s 2018 Distinguished Faculty Award for Research. Drs. Dong and Richter will receive their awards at the University ceremony this fall.

CSU’s annual Distinguished Faculty Awards honor the contributions of its dedicated employees and illustrate the commitment to students, enthusiasm for education and tremendous skill exhibited by all of the members of the CSU campus community.

Dr. Lili Dong Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer ScienceDr. Dong joined the College of Engineering faculty in 2005 as an Assistant Professor and was later promoted to an Associate Professor in 2011. During her time at CSU she has won numerous awards including Outstanding Faculty Award from the EECS department in 2009, 2012 and 2014 as well as the Merit Award for Outstanding Teaching and Research in 2012 and 2104. Her research interests include advanced control systems and their applications to real-world situations, with specific focus areas in adaptive control, Kalman filter control, robust control, parameter identification and observer design, applications of the advance control methods of MEMS, and implementation of the controllers with embedded systems.

Dr. Hanz Richter Professor, Mechanical EngineeringDr. Richter joined the College of Engineering faculty in 2004 as an Assistant Professor and was later promoted to Professor in 2017. He is currently working on three projects with funding from the National Science Foundation as the PI titled Control and Optimization of Robots with Energy Regeneration, Cyber-Enabled Exercise Machines and Development of a leg prosthesis test robot. His research interests include control theory and applications, system modeling, optimization, biomedical robotics, mechatronics and aerospace control systems.


We thank Drs. Dong and Richter for their continued dedication to CSU, the Washkewicz College of Engineering and our students. Congratulations!

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