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Professors Simon and Sawicki - Help Impaired Children Walk Again

Research to develop a pediatric exoskeleton, led by Dr. Jerzy Sawicki, Vice President for Research and a professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, and Dr. Dan Simon, a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS), is the focus of this month’s Featured Research Video.

Dr. Sawicki and Dr. Simon are collaborating with Parker Hannifin to develop, design and commercialize a pediatric exoskeleton for children ages 6 to 11, which could assist individuals suffering from cerebral palsy as well as diseases such as spina bifida, myopathy, and neuropathy. The device would help thousands of individuals around the world learn to walk, while also providing essential data that could improve future treatment for children and adults with mobility issues.

Watch the video here.

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