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Research Newsletter Features Chemical Biomedical Professors Chris Wirth and Rolf Lustig

In the August 2017 Issue of CSU Research Newsletter, Dr. Chris Wirth, assistant professor, is noted for receiving funding to "Improve Fracking". Associate professor, Dr. Rolf Lustig's scholarly wotk on Thermodynamic data generation and correlation has initiated collaborations with experts in Germany to implement hismodels on supercomputers. Both professors are faculty in our Chemical and Biomedical Engineering department.

Dr. Chris Wirth, Assistant Professor Chemical and Biomedical Engineering                       Dr. Rolf Lustig, Professor Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

  Dr. Chris Wirth, Assistant Professor      Dr. Rolf Lustig, Associate Professor

Please read the article for details on their research with the University and how it affects the world around us. 

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