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Spring Open House of Washkewicz College on 1st of April 2017



On Saturday the 1st of April the Washkewicz College of Engineering was not fooling anybody of its 110 visitors for the Spring Open House. The families gathered at 10:30 in the morning at the first floor of Fenn Hall and met with the various Engineering Student Organizations. Student leaders briefed the college guests about the activities and the benefits of the memberships of different organizations. Also, visitors met the students representing the Cooperative Education Program. The exciting part for the young engineers was the Engineering Lab Tour where the high school students and their families visited a several labs in the college. The Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department’s labs were the stars of the show as the guests were so fascinated with the high end technology they’ve seen in the 3D Electronic Printing Lab. Expressions like “ So cool” and “pretty amazing” were heard so many times by the lab instructors especially in the Robotics Lab when they showed the different robots they’re developing. The precise systems showcased in the Control Lab were astonishing to the visitors as well leading to questions like “what do I have to study to work in such a lab?”