Research Day 2016

The 2016 Engineering Research Day was held on Friday, November 18 in the CSU Fenn Tower Ballroom. There was a poster session highlighting the latest cutting-edge research by the College and a keynote presentation from Dr. Robert Graf, Corporate Vice President of Research and Development of the Lubrizol Corporation. The winners of poster session were:

1st place
How Seal Whiskers Suppress Vortex-Induced Vibration: Effect of Angle of Incidence on Wake Structure
Student Author: Aidan Rinehart, Joseph Bunjevac & Vikram Shyam
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wei Zhang

2nd place
Automated Generation of a Coarse Grained Model of Axonal Microtubules
Student Author: Erin M. Tesny, Neda Abdollahi
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jason Halloran

3rd place
Layer-by-Layer Printing of Hep3B Cells in Hydrogels for Cancer Cell Migration Assays
Student Author: Alexander Roth, Yana Sichkar, Stephen Hong, Kyeong Name Yu, Oju Jeon & Eben Alsberg
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Moo-Yeal Lee

In addition, the Awards Committee identified three Honorable Mentions:

Scalable Assembly of Nanoparticles onto Templated Substrates
Student Authors: John Juchnowski & Jessica E. Bickel
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Christopher L. Wirth

Optimization of Ligament Properties Using an Instrumented Knee Implant
Student Authors: William Zaylor
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Jason P. Halloran

Neuromuscular Reflex Controllers Can Describe Human Gait and Responses to Perturbation
Student Authors: Sandra K. Hnat
Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Antonie J. van den Bogert

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