Fenn Academy


Mission of Fenn Academy

  • To collaborate with high schools in educational activities that would stimulate and encourage students to pursue careers in engineering and technology
  • To introduce high school students to college life
  • To educate the technical workforce for the region’s industry

Benefits for Participating High Schools

  • Participation in Washkewicz's College’s Engineer-For-A-Day job shadowing program for high school students at local corporations
  • Access to Cleveland State University’s facilities
  • Early Cooperative Education and Career Counseling Programs.
  • Interaction with professional engineering associations and student chapter organizations

Our Staff


Brian Davis, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Professor

Executive Director, Fenn Academy

W.C. Vance

W.C. Vance
Manager of Student Programs
Asst. Director, Fenn Academy
(216) 687-5272

Tassia Ribeiro Salles Moura Tassia Maura
Graduate Assiatant