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The Hyland STEM Summer Program registration is now open.

Dates and Deadlines

The HYLAND STEM camp for 2023 will be on June 26th to June 30th from 8:30AM to 3:30PM daily!

The application process for HYLAND STEM is free; however, spaces are limited. Applicants will be chosen based on a variety of factors but must be current sophomores or juniors in high school.

Click here for the application.

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Mathematics is key to all branches of science and engineering and is critical for high school students who continue to university programs. The correlation between student performance in math during high school and the likelihood of college graduation has been seen across all genders and ethnicities. Ideally, incoming freshmen in STEM would be ready to take calculus when they enroll in college but more than half of them are not. Having to retake precalculus or calculus is linked to students not continuing in STEM-based studies. In fact, students that fail these classes are almost twice as likely to not receive a degree from Cleveland State University as their counterparts. Underprivileged, minority, and female students who do not have access to the same opportunities as their counterparts suffer the greatest impact. This in turn contributes to the lack of diversity seen in science and engineering professions in the U.S.

Cleveland State University recognizes that to lift underrepresented groups in STEM industries, the first step is providing more engaging and accessible mathematics programs.  The Half-Yearly Leadership Academy for New Directions in STEM, or HYLAND STEM Institute is a partnership between Hyland Software and CSU’s Fenn Academy that seeks to address that goal. By utilizing problem-based learning units to highlight mathematics across five different engineering fields over five days, this program will engage students’ interest using real-world applications in math and engineering while providing high-quality math instruction. The HYLAND STEM Institute is focused on increasing interest, persistence, and success in high school math among first-generation, low-income, female, and underrepresented minority students. This will ultimately the number and diversity of students pursuing STEM in university programs and leadership roles in STEM industries.

2022 Hyland STEM Camp Activities

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