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Smart Manufacturing Tools Preparing the Next Generation

Dr. Saeed Farahani, Assistant Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, works to bridge the gap between education and industry. He was recently featured in a case study by VKS explaining the process and importance of cross training employees as well as consistency in education from one class to the next. 

VKS states, "For companies that have yet to adopt smart manufacturing tools like work instruction software, the skills gap is still a large concern. In recent studies, the manufacturing sector expects to experience 2.1 million unfilled jobs by the year 2030 while the projected cost is in the trillions for the US alone." "One challenge that we face is that the period a student attends our university is relatively short. This is a challenge because transferring these skills from one student to another is not easy. We want to use VKS to better organize our procedures and transfer that skill to new students. Then we can help students learn how to perform the experiments properly and generate more consistent results. Our experimental results are sometimes influenced by the operators of the testing equipment. So we can use VKS to reduce that variation and fluctuation,” said Dr. Farahani. See VKS Case Study

See examples below:

final assembled view of crayon car 6 VDC motor positive and negative terminal finished no-fall toy
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