Through a varied human resource infrastructure, the CSU-UTC contributes to the body of knowledge associated with work zone safety and congestion abatement. Such research includes multi-disciplinary approaches whenever possible, while also striving for the technical and intellectual rigor expected of both professional business and academia. Throughout, CSU-UTC supported research remains consistent with the needs of industry and public safety advocates.


CSU-UTC research projects strive to meet the following criteria:


  • Be responsive to national transportation strategies/priorities
  • Demonstrate a level and certainty of matching support from non-federal sources
  • Have objectives that advance the state of knowledge and practice in transportation
  • Have a quality research team as determined by the research committee


Additionally, research proposals should:


  • Be responsive to critical needs, challenges, and opportunities in our region,
  • To some extent involve academic, government, and/or industrial partners other than the principle investigator’s colleagues at his/her institution, and
  • Have some type of linkage of the research team to education and or/technology transfer projects/objectives of the UTC