The Cleveland State University-University Transportation Center (CSU-UTC), also referred to as the "UTC" or the "Center," is the Northeast Ohio representative of the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) program. A federally-funded, long-term initiative, the University Transportation Center program taps the research and educational expertise of colleges and their faculty to improve all facets of transportation across the United States. Each of the 60 UTCs currently in operation focuses on a single transportation theme; in the case of the Cleveland State UTC, this theme is "Work Zone Safety and Efficiency."


Operating since 2005, the CSU-UTC seeks to lead first the region, and then the country, in the innovation, research, outreach, and technology transfer needed to lower the number of accidents and fatalities associated with roadside work zones. Staffed by a Center Director, two Associate Directors, and an Education Coordinator - and partnered with dozens of industry, government, educational, and professional organizations throughout Ohio - the CSU-UTC works year-round to produce expert transportation professionals.  The Center also helps the traveling public be more aware of the changes taking place on the roads, highways, and bridges they drive every day.



The CSU-UTC strives to be the primary resource for preparing transportation personnel to effectively and safely rehabilitate our nation’s highway infrastructure.  The CSU-UTC enacts this mission by providing training, education, outreach, and research focused on highway construction safety.