BEST Medicine

Eligibility and Rules

Eligibility, Rules, and Guidelines

Understanding the rules and guidelines and properly completing all of the paperwork is an important part of completing your BEST Medicine project.


BEST Medicine is open to students in grades 6-12 at any public, private, parochial, or homeschool. BEST Medicine projects should use engineering to solve a medical problem.

Students may only submit one project to BEST Medicine. Students cannot resubmit a previous year’s project unless it has been substantially expanded and redeveloped.

Team projects are accepted at BEST Medicine with teams up to 4 students. A larger team may enter with the approval of the BEST Medicine Chair.

In order to participate, students must obtain signatures from both their teacher and parent/legal guardian. Plus, students must complete the online registration.

A maximum of 15 projects can be entered from any high school or middle school. If your school is holding a science fair, prior to March 4, 2022, and you would like a BEST Medicine organizer to come judge your project or your students’ projects you must schedule this via Dr. Brian Davis (

A student may enter BEST Medicine as an independent if his/her school does not conduct a school-wide science fair. 

Note:  All projects at BEST Medicine are subject to the review of the Scientific Review Committee (SRC). Projects which do not adhere to correct scientific principles or which involve inadequate protection of human or animal subjects may be disqualified.

If your project is accepted, an acceptance letter will be emailed on or before March 11, 2022 to the email addresses provided during online registration.

Rules and Guidelines

Please download the 2022 BEST Medicine Student Handbook and Rules and Regulations for all of the guidelines you will need to follow to compete in BEST Medicine.


Paths to BEST

When submitting BEST Medicine Engineering Forms, equivalent NEOSEF or WRD5 forms are sufficient.


Contact Us

For questions, or more information on the BEST Medicine Engineering Fair, contact:


BEST Medicine Chair:

Brian Davis, Ph.D. 

(216) 687 2556