Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our Faculty

Washkewicz College is especially proud of its faculty and staff. Both are hands-on and accessible to students of every level. Washkewicz Faculty are well-renowned for their expertise and research excellence. Drawn from academic institutions across the world, as well as being professionals with years of real-world experience, the faculty offer a unique blend of theory and application.

Name & Title​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Allena, Srinivas   Assistant Professor*

Structure(216) 687-9259
Duffy, Stephen   Professor*Structure(216) 687-3874
Dural, Nilufer   Associate ProfessorEnvironmental(216) 687-3912
Huhnke, Christopher   Assistant Professor of Practice*Structure/Environmental(216) 687-2440
Hung, Yung-Tse   Professor*Environmental(216) 687-2596
Jenkins, Jacqueline   Associate Professor*Transportation(216) 687-2190
Khan, Lutful   Chair & Associate Professor*Foundation(216) 687-2231
Kidando, Emmanuel   Assistant ProfessorTransportation(216) 687-2533
Kim, Ung Tae (Ungtae Kim)   Associate Professor*Hydrology/Water Resources(216) 687-2599
Owusu-Danquah, Josiah   Assistant Professor*Structure(216) 687-2597

* graduate faculty