Civil and Environmental Engineering


Throughout the year, the Civil & Environmental Engineering Department receives notices about available scholarships. For your convenience they are being posted. Please refer to the individual postings to verify your eligibility and follow the application instructions.


Due 05-31-2022    Two Civil Engineering Scholarships (Hogan Memorial Scholarship ($5000) and Ohio Minority Engineering Studies Scholarship ($2500)) and CT mentoring program. Detail information and online applicatoin for each scholarship and mentoring program can be found at

Due 03-01-2022    Graduate Scholarships in American Public Works Association (APWA) Ohio Chapter (Ohio residents only). Eligibility, requirements, and applicaiton form are attached here.

Due 06-01-2022    Scholarships to Engineering stueents (Stark County residents only). Instruction with the application packet are attached here.

Due 01-31-2022    Asphalt Scholarship Program in Flexible Pavements of Ohio. Application instruction is attached here.

Due 12-15-2021    Women's Transportation Semniar (WTS) Columbus - 4 scholarships (2 Undergraduate and 2 Graduate) available. Download the package (instrauction and application form) linked below. Apply to the eligible scholarship(s). Multiple applications are allowed.


  WTS Molitoris Leadership Scholarship: Local Columbus Chapter award $3,000, International award $5,000

  WTS Sharon D. Banks Memorial Scholarship: Local Columbus Chapter award $2,000, International award $5,000


  WTS Helene M. Overly Memorial Scholarship: Local Columbus Chapter award $3,600, International award $10,000

  WTS Paula Hammond Leadership Legacy Scholarship: Local Columbus Chapter award $2,000, International award $5,000

Due 12-17-2021    American Society of Highway Engineers (ASHE) Lake Erie Section scholarship. More information can be found at  Application form is linked here.

Due 12-17-2021    Three scholarships available in the Northeast Ohio Chapter of WTS. For eligibility and application, vist the WTS scholarship website,

Due 11-30-2021    Association of Bridge Construction and Design (ABCD) Ohio Chapters undergraduate student scholarships. For details about ABCD, please visit The scholarship packet (invitation letter, instruction, and application form) is linked here.

Due 10-22-2021    Ohio ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Scholarships. For application, please download Application Form, Detail Inforemation, and Recommendation Letter Form.

Due 05-17-2021    2021 Goble Rauche Linkins Scholarship from Deep Foundation Institute (DFI). Applicants must be a full-time undergraduate or graduate civil engineering, electrical engineering, or computer science students with GPA 3.0 or higher. For more detail information and online application, go to

Due 01-30-2021    Flexible Pavement of Ohio (FPO) Scholarship for AY 2021-2022. See FPO scholarship information (eligibility, online application, etc.) and the FPO brochure linked here. For more information, visit

Due 01-15-2021    Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) Akron-Canton Chapter Scholarship. Application form is available at

Due 12-18-2020    Women's Transportation Semniar (WTS) - 3 scholarships available. For more information (advertisement, eligibility, and application forms), visit

Due 12-18-2020    Lake Erie Section of ASHE (American Society of Highway Engineers) Scholarship - For more information, previous winners, and application, visit

Due 11-30-2020    The Association for Bridge Construction and Design, comprised of the Northeastern Ohio Chapter (ABCD NEOH) Scholarship. For more information (guideline and application), visit

Due 10-23-2020    Ohio ITE (Institute of Transportation Engineers) Scholarships. Detail instruction for application is available at

Due rolling but as soon as possible before Fall 2020    Two shcolarship opportunities from CT consultants for Black/African descent enrolled Ohio College or
University civil engineering program. Read instruciton carefully and apply via online at

Due 04-17-2020    The Structural Engineers Association of Ohio Education Awards 2020. Read the award details linked here. Application form was also linked here.

Due 03-20-2020    OHIO CONTRACTORS ASSOCIATION ANNUAL HALL OF FAME SCHOLARSHIP. Eligibility: U.S. citizen and either the 3rd or 4th year of a B.S./B.A. degree program in Civil Engineering, Construction Technology or Construction Management. Please see the link for detail instruction and online application.

Due 04-01-2020      Deep Foundations Institute (DFI) Educational Trust and the Terracon Consultation Scholarship. Detail information about this schoarship is available at Eligibility and online application is available at Online application for 2020 scholarship will be open on or about April 1, 2020.

Due 02-07-2020      2020-2021 Associated General Contractors of Ohio Education Foundation Scholarships. Eligibility: second year of a four or five-year undergraduate program, a 2.5 GPA or above, and a U.S. Citizen. For online applicaiton, please visit

Due 04-30-2020      2020 ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) Mather Scholarship for full time undergraduate students completing their second/sophomore year of college, or later, or graduate students (specializing in cement or concrete materials technology) from any country. Download the application advertisement and form linked.

Due 01-03-2020     Student Scholarship to Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) Congress 2020. For more details and online application, please visit ASCE SEI website

Due 01-31-2020     Flexible Pavements of Ohio Scholarship Program for AY 2020-2021. For more information and online application, visit Brochure and Announcement are also linked here.

Due 11-22-2019     WTS (Women's Transportation Seminar) North East Ohio Scholarships. Two undetgraduate and one graduate scholarships are available. For more information, visit WTS Scholarship website (

Due 10-25-2019     Ohio Institute of Transportation Engineers' (ITE) Scholarship. Downlaod application document here. For more information, visit the ITE website (

Due 03-01-19     Ohio Contractors Association (OCA) Hall of Fame Scholarship 

Due 05-01-19     American Institute of Steel Construction, 2019-2020 scholarships.

Due 02-01-19     Flexible Pavements of Ohio - Asphalt Scholarship Program - Although CSU is not included in the list of eligible Universities, CSU students may apply.

Due 02-28-19     American Public Works Association (APWA) Ohio Chapter

Due 01-04-19     Student Scholarship to Structures Conference 2019

Due 12-15-18     2018 Transportation Engineer Scholarship - ASHE Lake Erie

Due 11-30-18     Association for Bridge Construction and Design.

Due 11-24-18     Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) - Columbus Chapter

Due 11-09-18     Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS) - Northeast Ohio Chapter

Due 11-07-18     Ohio Section Institute of Transportation Engineers