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Dr. Zicheng ChiZicheng Chi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Fundamental networking, sensing, and energy-related problems for real-world applications in the areas of Internet of Things and cyber-physical systems

Office: Fenn Hall 343
Email: z.chi@csuohio.edu

Dr.SunnieChungSunnie Chung, PhD
Associate Professor of Practice
Research Interests: Big Data Analytics, Data Science, Text Analytics with Natural Language Processing (NLP), Question Answering System (AI), Machine Learning Based Intrusion Detection System, Cyber Security and Privacy of Cloud Base Big Data and Deep Learning Systems, Optimization of Massively Parallel Big Data Processing Systems

Office: Fenn Hall 222
Phone: (216) 687-4661
Email: s.chung@csuohio.edu

Almabrok EssaAlmabrok Essa, PhD
Assistant College Lecturer
Research Interests: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision Machine, Learning Image Processing, Pattern Recognition Object and Detection Remote Sensing

Office: Fenn Hall 321
Phone: (216) 687-2588
Email: a.essa@csuohio.edu

RRobert Fiskeobert Fiske
Visiting College Lecturer
Research Interest: Development of Tools to assist in creating classroom content.

Office: Fenn Hall 315
Email: r.fiske@csuohio.edu

Yongjian FuYongjian Fu, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Software Engineering, Data Mining Web Mining

Office: Fenn Hall 225
Phone: (216) 687-5518
Email: y.fu@csuohio.edu

Dr. Sathish KumarSathish Kumar, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Cybersecurity, Data Science and Analytics, Intelligent Cyber Physical Human Systems, Smart Cities and Disaster Resilience & Emergency Management

Office: Fenn Hall 218
Phone: (216) 687-4862
Email: s.kumar13@csuohio.edu


Qin Lin, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Motion Planning, Control, Autonomous Systems, Robotics, Machine Learning, Verification

Office: Fenn Hall 228
Email: q.lin80@csuohio.edu

Sanchita Mal-SarkarSanchita Mal-Sarkar, PhD
College Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Hardware Security & Trust, Fault-tolerant Networks, Soft/Granular Computing & Risk Assessment and Wireless Sensor Networks

Office: Fenn Hall 224
Phone: (216) 687-7524
Email: s.malsarkar@csuohio.edu

Dr. Sujan PoudyalSujan Poudyal, PhD
Assistant College Lecturer
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Educational Data Mining, Artificial Intelligence, Image Processing

Office: Fenn Hall 210

Janche SangJanche Sang, PhD
Research Interests: Parallel & Distributed Computing, Simulation, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Computer Networks, Operating Systems, Compiler and Performance Measurement

Office: Fenn Hall 218
Phone: (216) 687-4780
Email: j.sang@csuohio.edu

Dr. Nigamanth Sridhar, ProvostNigamanth Sridhar, PhD
Provost, Professor
Research Interests: Software Engineering, Distributed Systems, Component-oriented Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks

Office: Fenn Hall 437
Phone: (216) 687-5341
Emai: n.sridhar1@csuohio.edu

Dr. Wang!Haodong Wang, PhD
Associate Professor
Research Interests: Security/Privacy in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), Information Retrieval and Efficient Data Management in Wireless Networked Embedded Systems, IEEE802.11 Wireless LAN, and Cognitive Radio

Office: Fenn Hall 219
Phone: (216) 687-473+0
Email: h.wang96@csuohio.edu

Jackie Woldering

Jackie Woldering, PhD
Assistant Professor of Practice
Research Interests: Operating Systems, Assembly Language, Networking, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems, Robotics, FPGAs

Office: Fenn Hall 209
Phone: (216) 523-7505
Email: j.woldering@csuohio.edu

​​​​​​Dr. Weidong XiongWeidong Xiong, PhD
Visiting Associate Lecturer
Research Interests: Concurrency control protocol in Database, 3D Programming, Volume Rendering, Web Programming

Office: Fenn Hall 335
Email: w.xiong15@csuohio.edu

no ideaHongkai Yu, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Computer Vision, Machine learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

Office: Fenn Hall 223
Phone: (216) 687-3869
Email: h.yu19@csuohio.edu

Dr. Jingru ZhangJingru Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Algorithms and Data Structures, Computational Geometry, Theoretical Computer Science.
Email: j.zhang40@csuohio.edu

Dr Tianyun Zhang

Tianyun Zhang, PhD
Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Convex and Non-convex Optimization

Office: Fenn Hall 220
Phone: (216) 687-4668
Email: t.zhang85@csuohio.edu

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