IERS Center


Yongxin (Yong) Tao, Ph.D., PE.
IERS Center Director
Dr. Yong Tao, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASME,
Betty L. Gordon Endowed Chair and Distinguished Professor
Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering 

Relevant Research

  • Renewable energy & energy efficiency in building
  • Heat and mass transfer in porous media
  • Freezing and melting
  • Electronic cooling
  • Enhanced heat transfer
  • Refrigeration systems
  • Geothermal heat pump systems
  • Computational fluid dynamics

Graduate Students
Brian Kohut
Olamide Opadokun
Sho Tonaka
Tyler Hatch

Navid Goudarzi
Dr. Navid Goudarzi, Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Wind energy (residential/commercial, technology, assessment, engineering)
  • Solar energy (PV systems, design, O&M)
  • Ocean energy (ocean current turbines, wave energy converters, resource assessment)
  • Feature extraction (ROM, SVD)
  • High-performance buildings (net-zero, building-integrated renewable energy solutions)
  • Integrated cost-performance design (multidisciplinary designs)

Graduate Students
Bradley Warga
Shiva Sai Reddy Marapakala

Dr. Wei Zhang, Associate Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Wind-structure interactions in normal operational and extreme weather conditions (non-synoptic winds, hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms)
  • Wind energy (wind prediction, wind characteristics affected by terrain, diurnal cycles, turbulence impact on wind turbines’ performance, environmental impact of wind farms)
  • Bio-inspiration and biomimicry
  • Synergy of rigorous laboratory simulation, numerical modelling and field tests

Graduate Students
Erick Shelley

Hanz Richter, Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Modeling and simulation of multidomain power networks
  • Generalized thermodynamic optimization
  • Energy-optimal design and control of electromechanical systems
  • Hybrid fuel-electric aircraft propulsion
  • Energy-aware robotics and cyber-physical systems
  • Supercapacitors

Graduate Students
Ian Ulle
Patrick Osen
Raymond Hoon
Justin Gliha

Mustafa Usta, Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Carbon-neutral energy-water-climate nexus
  • Sustainable and green desalination
  • Carbon capturing
  • Energy storage
  • Osmotic energy
  • Integrated SciML/AI

Graduate Students
Mertcan Samgar

Qin Lin, Assistant Professor
Computer Science

Relevant Research

  • Robotics (motion planning and control)
  • Machine learning (explainable AI, symbolic AI, hybrid automata learning, learning for control)
  • Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)
  • Cyber security for cyber-physical systems/industrial control systems (spoofing attacks detection, recovery control)
  • Safe control (safety-guaranteed human-robot interaction, collision avoidance, etc.)
  • Formal methods (reachability analysis for hybrid dynamic systems)

Graduate Students
Fan Zhang

Dr. Zhao
Wenbing Zhao, Professor
Electrical  Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Dependable Distributed Computing
  • Cyber Physical Systems
  • Smart and Connected Healthcare
  • Machine Learning and Computer Vision
Ye Zhu
Ye Zhu, Associate Professor
Computer Engineering

Relevant Research

  • Networking & distributed systems
  • Security & Privacy
  • Privacy-preserving Data Mining
Andrew Thompson
Executive In Residence, Energy Policy Center
Urban Resrch & Public Serv Ctr

Relevant Research

  • Microgrids, energy storage systems, distributed generation
  • Electricity and natural gas markets
  • Fuel Cells, hydrogen economy, zero emission transportation
  • Oil and Gas law, mid and downstream hydrocarbon development

Graduate Students
Lauren Williams
Samuel Owusu-Agyemang
Shelbie Seeburg

Dr. Xiongyi Liu, Curriculum and Foundations
Xiongyi Liu
Associate Professor
Curriculum and Foundations

Relevant Research

  • Technology-enhanced collaborative learning
  • Web-based peer assessment
  • Motivation and self-regulated learning
  • Case-based learning
  • Game-based learning
  • STEM education
  • Technology-facilitated intervention for individuals with special needs

Mark Henning

Mark Henning
Research Associate, Energy Policy Center
College of Urban Affairs