COVID-19 and Re-opening the Campus

COVID-19 UPDATES​​​​​​​A lot has changed since you left in March and we want you to know what to expect.  There will be a minimal campus footprint with extensive protection measures and protocols in place to ensure the safest campus possible.

We are all in this together and need everyone to commit to safe behavior for this to work.


Prior to coming to campus, you will be required to

  1. Sign a social contract once at the start of each semester committing to practice safe behaviors and follow campus guidelines.  Click here to access the social contract and a brief training video.
  2. Take a daily health assessment each day before you come to campus.  Click here to access the daily health assessment.  You must do the daily health assessment before coming to campus each day. 

While on campus you must

  • Wear a mask at all times unless you are alone in a private office.  If you require an accommodation, contact Human Resources at 216-687-3636.
  • Practice physical distancing --- at least six feet apart
  • Use your CSUID to swipe into buildings for access
  • Ensure your area is kept clean and sanitized
  • Model safe behavior and encourage others to do the same

You will see

  • Safe Campus signage promoting mask wearing, hand washing and physical distancing
  • Hand washing stations at entrances to all buildings
  • Fewer students, staff and faculty
  • Minimal, physically distanced seating in classrooms, public gathering areas, student lounges, computer labs and libraries

You should know

  • We developed our return to campus plans with strict adherence to CDC and state health guidelines
  • An aggressive cleaning and sanitizing schedule will be followed
  • There will be no events on campus
  • There is a protocol in place for contact tracing should there be a case on campus

There is a Safe Campus webpage you can visit for the latest updates:

If you have specific questions not addressed here, please reach out to your direct supervisor.