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A Harmony of Engineering and Music with Alexis Marrero

Alexis Marrero electrical engineering studentIn the bustling heart of Cleveland, where the city's pulse reverberates through the streets, Alexis found her rhythm amidst the towering structures and the vibrant energy of the downtown area. It was during a tour of Cleveland State University (CSU) that she felt a sense of belonging wash over her, as if the campus itself whispered, "This is where you're meant to be."

"I love downtown Cleveland," Alexis recalled, her voice echoing with fondness. "As I was touring the school, I felt like it was where I was meant to be and didn’t feel the need to visit any other colleges." Choosing CSU was more than just selecting a school; it was embracing a vision of her future. With a determination as sturdy as the campus architecture, she embarked on her academic journey, drawn to the allure of Washkewicz College of Engineering.

"I was really impressed by the engineering department and the Washkewicz building," she explained, reminiscing about her initial encounters with the academic facilities. Thus began her first semester in the fall of 2019, marking the commencement of a transformative chapter in her life.

Initially delving into Computer Engineering, Alexis soon realized that her passions lay elsewhere. Following the currents of curiosity, she navigated towards Electrical Engineering, a field that harmonized with her interests in technology and music. "I've always enjoyed technology and music," Alexis explained. "Electrical Engineering has many aspects that I enjoy. It pertains to a lot of technical aspects of music and musical devices."

Excelling in courses like Communications and Electronics became her high points, while navigating the intricacies of complex subjects served as her crucibles. "A high point of being a student at Washkewicz College has been excelling in several of my electrical engineering courses and being part of and my Senior Design team," she shared proudly. "But everything in life is earned and not just given to you.” The senior design project is titled “Autonomous Food Delivery Robot”. The team consists of Alexis, Connor Robertson, Luke Palos, Carissa Templeton and Ramandeep Arora. Their faculty advisor is Dr. Qin Lin, Assistant Professor in the Computer Science department. And the project is sponsored by McDonald's, locally owned by Shawn Payne, located in Strongsville at Pearl & Whitney.

Yet, amidst the equations and circuits, Alexis found solace in melodies and lyrics. Music was not merely a hobby but an integral part of her identity. From composing songs at the tender age of 12 to headlining major performances, her journey as a pop-rock singer-songwriter mirrored her academic odyssey. "I’ve had a deep love for music since I was a child," she revealed, her eyes gleaming with nostalgia. "Picking up an instrument truly solidified my passion for singing and songwriting."

Alexis Marrero electrical engineering studentAlexis's achievements in the music industry mirrored her academic prowess. Collaborating with Grammy Award-winning producers and gracing renowned stages, she carved a path of success intertwined with melodies and harmonies. She is also a budding actress and can be seen on season three of “Sangre Negra” and doing a southern California tour at some major venues. "While I still have many accomplishments to achieve in my music career," she remarked humbly, "I’m very proud of all the amazing strides I have made and feel very lucky."

In the symphony of her life, music and engineering danced in tandem, each enhancing the other. The technical intricacies of engineering provided a new lens through which to view her musical endeavors, while the creative freedom of music offered respite from the rigors of academia. "Both music and my engineering studies have enhanced each other in their own ways," Alexis reflected. "Taking a break for music allows my brain to switch gears so that when I get back to my engineering studies, I feel more refreshed and focused."

As she stands on the precipice of graduation, Alexis's gaze extended beyond the horizon, where the future awaited with open arms. Uncertain yet hopeful, she embraced the unknown, guided by the melodies of her dreams. "The future feels limitless right now," she mused, her voice brimming with anticipation. "No matter what the future holds, I know I will have a successful career ahead of me."

And so, with her heart tuned to the rhythms of ambition, Alexis is prepared to embark on the next movement of her symphony, where the notes of success await her crescendo. She will be graduating in Fall 2024 earning a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Mathematics.

Below are some of Alexis's upcoming 2024 Ohio shows.

  • Mahall'a - Lakewood, OH - March 1st
  • Beachland Ballroom & Tavern - Cleveland, OH - April 7th
  • The Rialto Theatre - Akron, OH - May 31st
  • Dragway 42’s Rock ‘N’ Race - West Salem, OH - July 13th
  • The Local Bar - Strongsville, OH - August 2nd

In 2025, Alexis will see more opportunities with booking some major music festivals and opening for major acts. We’ll stayed tuned. In the meantime follow her on YouTube, Spotify and Instragram.

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