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PhD Students Participate in the Joint Cleveland Clinic Foundation-CSU Program

In the late 1990's CSU and the Cleveland Clinic established a joint "Applied Biomedical Engineering" specialization within our overall doctoral program.  In the fall semester this agreement was renewed with expansion to cover all engineering majors as well as Computer Science and Applied Data Science.  The new program offers student opportunities in the following:

  • Admission and placement of doctoral students in research labs at the CCF
  • Joint research projects
  • Student internships, cooperative education, and employment
  • CSU-CCF faculty/staff appointments
  • Facilities and Equipment sharing
  • Organization of scientific gatherings.

Here’s what some of our students had to say about the program.

“By joining the joint CCF-CSU program I hope to have a more “hands on” experience that will help me acquire the technical knowledge and skills necessary to succeed as a biomedical engineer,” said Tassia.

Jafar’s goal is "to automate the diagnosis of heart disease using the knowledge I gained in computer science."

Hope stated, “My goal is to expand my technical, scientific, and teaching skills with the support from clinicians, researchers, and collaborating groups at CCF.”

Given the Cleveland Clinic's exciting announcements related to Quantum Computing, there are multiple opportunities for students interested in Applied Data Science (

Another exciting opportunity relates to the joint CSU-CCF initiative for cross-disciplinary cardiovascular sciences training. This is an opportunity that links multiple departments across campus where faculty and students are engaged with cardiovascular research:

For further information on doctoral opportunities for engineering and computer science, reach out to Dr. Brian Davis at

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