Application Information

Prospective students must apply via this website using the APPLY NOW button.  This will take you to the NSF REU common application site.  You will need to register, login, and then choose RE @ CSU as a site to which you want to apply.  Applications must be complete by March 1, 2023, with decisions by April 1, 2023.

The application contains basic and demographic information, identifies the current home institution and year in school, and allows for voluntary declaration of membership in an underrepresented group, disability status, and/or veteran status

In addition, applicants must submit via the website:

  • A resume
  • Unofficial undergraduate transcripts.
  • Two references from two faculty members.
  • A general personal statement about how an REU program fits into your goals.
  • A statement responding to this question: "Why are you interested in this particular REU program in Rehabilitation Engineering?  We encourage you to discuss any experience you have working with people with disabilities.  This might include your experiences as a person with a disability, your experiences with a family member or friend with a disability, or any volunteer or work experiences with people with disabilities."
  • A ranking of RE @ CSU projects you are interested in.
  • A statement responding to this question: "We typically have hundreds of applicants with high GPAs and strong technical skills.  However, we often accept talented students who have not yet developed these skills because they have unique perspectives and can potentially benefit significantly from the program.  Outside of your academic qualifications, what makes you a unique candidate who will benefit from this summer experience?  Please describe who you are beyond your academic qualifications."