Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

Student Research Assistant Positions for Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Research positions are available in the Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Department.

Research projects are listed below. Applicants must be students enrolled in science or engineering. All are welcome to apply though Junior or Senior standing students (as of Fall 2019) will be preferred. Students must have completed General Chemistry II. The projects will span ten (10) to twelve (12) weeks between May 20 and August 9, 2019 with hourly pay ranging between $10-$13 per hour.


Project Titles of Available Research Positions:
  1. Polymer aqueous two-phase separation of carbon nanotubes by precise pH control: Dr. Ao (1 position)

  2. Transport of an estrogen-like compound in cortical bone tissue: Dr. Belovich (1 position)

  3. Catalytic waste gasification as a route to sustainable living environments: Dr. Gatica (1 position)

  4. Design and implementation of microreactors: Dr. Kothapalli ( 1 position)

  5. An integrated plate system for tissue engineering and disease modeling: Dr. Lee (1 position)

  6. Cellular-dendritic ordering in directionally solidified A1-7%Si single crystal alloy: Dr. Tewari (1 position)

  7. Influence of interfacial properties on propulsion of active particles near an air/water interface: Dr. Wirth (1 position)


All applications are due by April 30, 2019. Federal Work Study is not required to apply. Students must list the project title for which they wish to apply and attach a copy of their resume. Apply online to the Student Employment OfficeOR completed application documents can be emailed to as WORD documents (NOT PDFs) to Becky Laird at