BIOFLow International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

BIOFLOW IRES Highlights 2022

Student Cohort: Temidayo Akinibi (Sophomore), Clayton Coonrod (Graduate), Kyler Howard (Senior), Ravi Schwartz (Graduate), Emily Wu (Sophomore) and Nerion Zekaj (Graduate).  

Student cohort 2022.png

Publications and Presentations

APS DFD 2022 presentations:

  1. Jihwan Kim, Kyler Howard, Youngdo Kim, Sang Joon Lee. Optimization of deep learning model for monitoring heterogeneous airborne PM concentrations using digital holographic microscopy. (Oral presentation)
  2. Nerion Zekaj, Jeong-ju Kim, Sang Joon Lee, Wei Zhang. Vortex formation and flow separation on a scaled low-rise building model. (Oral presentation)
  3. Clayton Coonrod, Longhua Zhao, Wei Zhang. Flying spiders: Effects of the spider mass and the dragline length in spider landing. (Poster)

Journal papers:

  • Jihwan Kim, Youngdo Kim, Kyler Howard, Sang Joon Lee. Smartphone-based holographic measurement of polydisperse suspended particulate matter with various mass concentration ratios. Scientific reports. 12, 22609 (2022).
  • Nerion Zekaj, Jeong-Ju Kim, Sang Joon Lee, Wei Zhang. Rooftop vortices on a scaled low-rise building model. (in preparation)

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