BIOFLow International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

How to Apply

Eligibility of Applicants

Each year, we will recruit six (6) students in engineering, biology, and other related fields of colleges and universities in the U.S.. Undergraduate and graduate students who are US citizens or permanent residents (Green-card holders) are eligible for this program, according to the NSF requirement. Underrepresented minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply. Preferred qualifications include interest in bio-inspired design and research and intention to pursue careers in science and engineering in the future.

IRES Funding (for Each Student)

$5000 stipend for 10 weeks; housing at CSU/UA and POSTECH provided at no charge; up to $500 travel funds between CSU and home city; up to $500 conference travel funds for accepted IRES research presentations.

How to Apply

Prospective IRES students will submit their applications via the BIOFLOW IRES program website by  March 15th, 2022. Selection results will be sent out in early April. The application includes five sections:
(1) an application form of demographic information of citizenship status, home institution, year in school and allow to voluntarily declare membership in an underrepresented group, disability, or veteran status;
(2) a two-page resume (as a pdf file); 
(3) unofficial transcript (as a pdf file); 
(4) a one-page personal statement of interests and career goals (as a pdf file);  
(5) contact information of two faculty members in the home institution, who will write reference letters upon request (as a pdf file).

Application Form