Civil and Environmental Engineering

Advisory Committee

  • Jeff Filarski, PE, Secretary - Treasurer, Engineer for Lyndhurst & moreland Hills, Engineer & Building Official for Village of Bentleyville, Chagrin Valley Engineering, Ltd.
  • Lita Laven, PE, Staff Engineer II, Northest Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • George Palko, PE, President, CEO, The Great Lakes Construction Company
  • Anthony Yacobucci, PE, Chief Engineer, Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission
  • Brian Corrigan, PE, Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas
  • Sandy Iwaszko, PE, Senior Project Engineer, Osborne
  • Frank Greenland, PE, Deputy Director, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District
  • Clyde Hadden, PE, PS, CFM, Transportation Division Director, CT Consultants, Inc.
  • Nicholas Carino, Concrete Technology Consultant
  • Richard Miller, PhD, PE, Professor, School of Advanced Structures, University of Cincinnati
  • Charles Nmai, PhD, PE, FACI, Manage, Engineering Services at BASF Construction Chemicals, LLC
  • Ted Beltavski, President & Chairman, R.E. Warner and Associates, Inc.
  • Rick Weinmann, Wienmann Enterprises
  • Michael Dever, MPA, Director, Cuyahoga County Public Works