Civil and Environmental Engineering

Upper-Division Honors Program

Honors students who are majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering are required to take a minimum of 8 credit hours of upper division (300, 400, and 500 level) honors courses in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department. General guidelines for these credit hours are given below. However, the specific courses that each student takes will be agreed upon by the student, the student’s department undergraduate advisor, and the student’s honors advisor. The honor student’s department undergraduate advisor is responsible for finding an honors advisor for the student who is mutually agreeable to the undergraduate advisor, the honors advisor, and the honors student.

The honors credits (8 hours minimum) will be taken from the following:

  • Honors Thesis (required) (CVE 499H, 3 credit hours). Each honors student conducts research and writes a thesis under the supervision of a CVE faculty member.
  • Honors Research (optional) (CVE 495H, credit as arranged). This is research conducted jointly wiath a CVE faculty, similar to an independent study. This can be repeated for credit. Note that CVE 495 is already an approved course that "may be substituted for a regularly required departmental course" but the CVE Department will create a new course with the number CVE 495H for honors students only.
  • Graduate Course (optional). Any 500 level CVE or EVE graduate course for which the student has the prerequisites.
  • Junior Honors, Senior Honors (optional). Any 300 level or 400 level CVE course can be modified to become an honors course. This is referred to in the Honors Proposal as a "contract course". This is done with the collaboration of the undergraduate advisor, the honors advisor, and the course instructor. The 300 level contract courses will all be numbered 392H, and the 400 level contract courses will all be numbered CVE 492H.

Typically, students will take both electives at the 500 level plus CVE 499H Honors Thesis.