BIOFLow International Research Experience for Students (IRES)

Student Projects

Each IRES student will work on a research project provided by the faculty mentors. Structured mentoring is the primary mechanism to ensure excellent academic and social support to IRES students. In the pre-departure phase, US faculty mentors will introduce projects to students via a series of webinars, discuss the research plan with an IRES student at CSU/UA in Week 1-2, and help her/him develop an outline as the research guide prior to traveling abroad. During IRES students' stay at BBRC (Week 3-9), each student will discuss the previous week's results, identify problems and set specific goals for the upcoming week in the group and one-on-one meetings with primary and secondary mentors. In the post-travel phase (Week 10), the US mentors will help the IRES students prepare abstracts and posters for submission to the Annual Biomimicry Summit and other professional conferences. Writing and disseminating research results will bring students' research experience to the next level.