Research Centers

Our college faculty collaborate very actively in a variety of research projects. They also collaborate with faculty from other CSU colleges. This has resulted in the establishment of College and University centers where cutting-edge research and pedagogic innovations are being pursued.


Center for Advanced Control Technologies

Acronym: CACT
Research Emphasis: Advanced control algorithms: Active Disturbance Rejection Control, Non-linear PID, multi-variable time varying control, scaling and parameterization, discrete time control, adaptive control, self-tuning control, model independent control, and distributed control systems.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao (


Center for Human-Machine Systems (CHMS)


Acronym: CHMS
Research Emphasis: The Center for Human-Machine Systems (CHMS) aims to improve human-machine systems by combining the unique capabilities of the engineered and natural subsystems. The center will do this by providing to its members a synergistic environment and resources to promote the development of high-quality, well funded, and high-impact research projects.
Faculty Contact:

Dr. Eric Schearer (


Center for Rotating Machinery, Dynamics and Control (RoMaDyC)


Acronym: RoMaDyC
Research Emphasis: The RoMaDyC is dedicated to enhancing productivity and competitiveness of its partners in industry, focusing on research to provide cutting-edge technical innovations to solve complex problems in engineering systems involving rotating machinery, structures, dynamics and control. The Center serves as an intellectual resource for the industry with the aim of continuous improvement and long-term development. In addition to research and development, RoMaDyC maintains an active educational mission to both educate and provide information to the community regarding rotating machinery, advanced dynamics and control.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Jerzy Sawicki (


University Transportation Center (UTC)

Acronym: UTC
Research Emphasis: The CSU-University Transportation Center is the Northeast Ohio representative of the Council of University Transportation Centers (CUTC) program. A federally-funded, long-term initiative, the program taps the research and educational expertise of colleges and their faculty to improve all facets of transportation across the United States. Each of the 60 UTCs currently in operation focuses on a single transportation theme; in the case of the Cleveland State UTC, this theme is "Work Zone Safety and Efficiency."
Faculty Contact: Dr. Stephen Duffy (