Washkewicz College of Engineering - Centers and Labs

Center for Rotating Machinery, Dynamics and Control


Nickname: RoMaDyC
Research Emphasis:

The RoMaDyC is dedicated to enhancing productivity and competitiveness of its partners in industry, focusing on research to provide cutting-edge technical innovations to solve complex problems in engineering systems involving rotating machinery, structures, dynamics and control. The Center serves as an intellectual resource for the industry with the aim of continuous improvement and long-term development. In addition to research and development, RoMaDyC maintains an active educational mission to both educate and provide information to the community regarding rotating machinery, advanced dynamics and control.

Faculty Contact:

Dr. Jerzy


Industrial Space System Lab

Nickname: ISSL
Research Emphasis: Applying industrial techiques to high technology concepts, such as hands-off manufacutirng for on-obrit use; advanced power transmission and conversion of UAV's and civilian dual-use; hybrid composite fibers utilzing nano-technology and advanced concepts in renewable energy architectures for economic feasibility .
Faculty Contact: Dr. Taysir Nayfeh


Center for Advanced Control Technologies

Nickname: CACT
Research Emphasis: Advanced control algorithms: Active Disturbance Rejection Control, Non-linear PID, multi-variable time varying control, scaling and parameterization, discrete time control, adaptive control, self-tuning control, model independent control, and distributed control systems.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao


Advanced Engineering Research Laboratory


  Nickname: AERL
Research Emphasis: Industrial control, including process control, motion control, medical electronics, distributed control systems, etc.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao


Applied Control Research Laboratory



  Nickname: ACRL
Research Emphasis: Advanced control algorithm Development, Hardware in the loop simulation, Rapid prototyping, Digital control, Intelligent control and signal processing
Faculty Contact: Dr. Zhiqiang Gao


Embedded Control Systems Research Laboratory



  Nickname: ECSRL
Research Emphasis: Theoretical development and real-time implementation of control and signal processing algorithms. Theoretical directions that are of particular interest include the following: Optimal control, Kalman filtering, H-infinity control and estimation, Artificial neural networks, Fuzzy logic systems and Evolutionary Computation
Faculty Contact: Dr. Dan Simon




  Nickname: Ohio-ICE
Research Emphasis: CSU leads this university/industry collaborative which also includes Case Western Reserve University and the University of Akron, along with such industry partners as Rockwell Automation, Kiethley Instruments and ABB. The research focus of Ohio-ICE is centered on sensors, networked distributed systems, and advanced motion control.
Faculty Contact: Dr. Charles Alexander