Education & Outreach

College: Students, Faculty, and Partners


Increases in both undergraduate and graduate student enrollment are major objectives of the CSU-UTC. Outside improving transportation-related courses already in existence, the CSU-UTC looks to create new offerings to meet the technical and safety needs of roadside construction. These needs are identified with the help of institutions such as the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) and the Occupational and Safety Health Administration (OSHA). To ensure all courses use the most current and effective methods, an Associate Director for Education & Training oversees all curricular and pedagogical choices.

Across Disciplines

Whenever possible, the CSU-UTC engages multi-disciplinary approaches in its educational and research efforts. Heavy student involvement is highly encouraged. Associate Directors from the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and the College of Education and Human Services help add interdiscplinary knowledge to Center efforts. This knowledge combines with the Civil and Environmental Engineering expertise of the rest of the staff.

Awards, Assistance, and Real World Experience

The Center awards financial assistance and recognition to outstanding students hailing from multiple backgrounds. These awards include the "Student of the Year" honor, given to a graduate student during a singular academic year. Further graduate-level support is given in the form of graduate assistantships. Scholarships for undergraduate students are offered as well. To learn more about CSU-UTC scholarship offerings, see the Scholarships/Internships page.


In the past, the CSU-UTC has also helped to offer Co-op opportunities with regional construction companies and design firms focusing on transportation engineering. Thanks to this financial and professional assistance, enrollment in Civil Engineering and related transportation safety courses has continued to increase each academic year.