University Transportation Center


The CSU-UTC envisions a nation where work zone related accidents drop significantly allowing the motoring public to travel through construction work zones in a safe manner. To achieve this vision, the CSU-UTC separates it educational efforts into the following: K-12; University Students and Faculty; Professional Development for Industry; and Public Awareness. Click on any these categories to view their individual CSU-UTC web pages.


The CSU-UTC believes that we must have conversations with tomorrow’s transportation professionals today. We do that by working closely with the K-12 educators. K-12 teachers work with students on average five days out of the week, four weeks out of a months, and nine months out of a year. We strive to find teaching champions in the K-12 community and help them become advocates for the engineering profession.

University Students and Faculty

The CSU-UTC makes increased undergraduate and graduate enrollment a paramount objective, and offers financial support to make this happen. The Transportation Center plays an integral role in the CSU STEMM Center, which focuses on grades P-20 as well as professional development for faculty.

Professional Development for Industry

The CSU-UTC provides the educational resources and professional training needed to make roadside construction sites safer and more efficient. We do this by working closely with various professional societies such as the Ohio Contractors Association, ATSSA, ASCE (Professor Duffy, the director of the CSU-UTC is now the president of the Cleveland Section of ASCE), ABCD and others.

Public Awareness

The CSU-UTC provides public forums that inform motorists of important changes in heavy highway construction projects in the region, provides opportunity for dialogue with public officials responsible for transportation infrastructure, and we serve transportation professionals involved in research and development by providing timely newsletters and reports on current work being conducted at the CSU-UTC.


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