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K-12 outreach achieves the early student-college-industry interaction needed to increase the pool of potential transportation professionals. Original UTC efforts focused on identifying teaching and administrative champions in regional school districts and identifying their curricular needs as it pertained to engineering.

From those early conversations grew efforts that include Engineering Education Summer Conferences (EESC) for K-12 teachers, participating in grant-funded projects that redesign high school curriculum, providing contruction site-visits for grade schoolers, and hosting student-centered design competitions.

Going forward, the Center's outreach seeks to be the catalyst for the region in preparing K-12 students for careers in civil engineering that focus on transportation safety and construction.


A great way to understand the K-12 outreach efforts of the CSU-UTC is to take a look at some past events. The following links connect to explanations, pictures, fliers, and more for several outreach events sponsored by the CSU-UTC:

The Engineering Education Summer Conference (EESC) (June 12-13, 2012)

The Engineering Education Summer Conference (EESC) (June 14-16, 2011)

The Engineering Education Summer Conference (EESC) (June 22-24, 2010)

The Engineering Education Summer Conference (EESC) (June 23-25, 2009)

The Engineering Education Summer Conference (EESC) (June 17-19, 2008)

Woodbury Elementary Visit to Great Lakes Construction Site (May 2008)

A final report summarizing efforts associated with the EESCs sponsored by the CSU-UTC over the past five years can be found through the following link:

EESC Summary Report (D. Burrowbridge)

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