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EPT Sessions

  • EPT Sessions are voluntary sessions where the assigned EPT selects a meeting time that fits most students' needs.
  • The EPT creates presentations, review activities, and practice problems for the students who are able to attend.
Course Name & Number Session date and time LOCATION      EPT NAME 
ESC 151 - C Programming MON: 4-5 pm  FH 125 Ramandeep
  WED: 2:30-3:30pm FH 125 Ramandeep
ESC 202 - Dynamics  MON:10:15-11:15am WH 223 Gage 
  FRI: 10:15-11:15am WH 223 Gage 
EEC 311 - Circuits II MON: 1-2pm WH 401 Michael 
  THU:4-5pm WH 205 Michael 
EEC 313 - Electronics I MON: 3-4pm WH 401 Carissa
  WED: 11-12pm WH 401 Carissa
CIS 151 - Invitation to Computing WED: 12-1pm  FH 125 Esha 
  SAT: 12-1pm Zoom Esha
  TUE:11:10-12:10pm WH 221 Gloria
  SAT: 4:30-5:30pm Zoom Gloria
CIS 265 - Data Structures and Algorithms TUES: 3:30-4:30pm WH 221 Tarin
  FRI: 5-6pm Zoom Tarin
  SAT: 6-7pm Zoom Tarin
  SAT: 12-1pm Zoom Shakeeb
  SUN: 12-1pm Zoom Shakeeb
GET 315 - Advanced Programming Methods TUES: 2:30-3:30pm WH 203 Rawan
  WED: 6-7pm WH 401 Rawan
PHL 215- Engineering Ethics TUES:12:45-1:45pm WH 401 Anique
  THUR:12:45-1:45pm WH 401 Anique
  TUES: 7-8pm Zoom Abhi
  THURS: 6-7pm WH 118 Abhi
  FRI: 2:30-3:30pm WH 118 Abhi
  TUES: 10-11am WH 401 Shaun
  THURS: 10-11am  WH 401 Shaun
  MON: 4:15-5:15am WH 401 Ali
  WED: 4:15-5:15am WH 401 Ali