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Engineering Peer Teachers

Engineering Peer Teacher (EPT) Program is built to engage students in EPT recitations and sessions (online and in-person) to review concepts, hold Engineering Recitation Assessments (ERAs) and help students succeed in primarily 100-200 level engineering courses. EPTs hold weekly recitations that are available to ALL students enrolled in that specific course. 

EPT Program

EPT recitations and sessions are currently offered for the following courses (SPRING 23)

  • ESC 151 - C Programming 
  • ESC 201 - Statics 
  • ESC 202 - Dynamics 
  • ESC 211 - Strength of Materials
  • ESC 250 - Differential Equations for Engineers 
  • ESC 310 - Engineering Statistics and Probability 
  • CIS 151 - Intro to Computing 
  • CIS 260 - Invitation to Programming 
  • CIS 265 - Data Structures and Algorithms 
  • EEC 310 - Electric Circuits 1 
  • EEC 311 - Electric Circuits 2
  • EEC 314 - Electronics 2 
  • GET 315 - Advanced Programming Methods
  • PHL 215 - Engineering Ethics

Frequently Asked Questions

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EPT Trainings

The Engineering Peer Teachers (EPTs) engage in 16 - 21 hours of professional training prior to the start of each semester to prepare themselves ahead of time for EPT recitations and sessions. During the training, all EPTs connect with fellow EPTs and learn effective strategies for holding great EPT sessions. They also are trained to manage the classroom, technology and challenging students very well. Apart from this, all EPTs also go through Space Space Training, QPR : Question, Persuade and Refer and A.L.I.C.E / Run, Hide Fight training and FERPA certification.  

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