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Computer Peer Teachers (CPTs)

The CPT logoAs CPTs, we offer 1-on-1 help sessions (online via Zoom / Google Meeting / etc. or in-person in FH 125) for students taking programming classes. These session are completely free and can be used to review concepts, go over homework problems, or debug code. However, please note that we will not give you the answers directly; instead, we'll help you better understand the material by building on top of what you’re already learning in the classroom. After doing so, you should be better equipped to solve future problems as well as the problems you are facing right now.

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In an effort to strengthen CSU's computer science community and to encourage students to program extracurricularly (which is an amazing way to deepen your understanding and gain experience), the CPT program also hosts events. These events include...

CPT Game Dev Workshop FlyerCPT Game Jam Fall 2023

The most recent information on (and the sign up links for) these events can be found on the Washkewicz Peer Teacher (WPT) Wiki.

Note: Washkewicz Peer Teachers (WPTs) is a designation representing both the CPTs and the EPTs.

Getting Help

For quick questions, join our Discord Server and ask your question on the #quick-questions channel.

To sign up for half-hour or hour long 1-on-1 sessions, click HERE.

Supported Classes and Languages

Below are the classes and languages that the CPT program officially supports for the Fall 2023 semester.

Table describing the supported classes and languages of the CPT program

Please direct general questions about this program to it's coordinator, Simon Richard. Contact info can be found HERE.