Electrical Engineering and Computer Science


Vertical Axis Wind Turbine: Using a Stator to Improve Performance

  • Team Members: Graves, Walters
  • Sponsor: ABEDA Group
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Somnath

Indoor Lift Tracking System

  • Team Members: Durr, Meekham, Willi, Patel Zeel, Baier
  • Sponsor: CSU FAST
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yu

​​​​​​​Vertical Axis Wind TurbineIndoor Lift Tracking System

Automation of Composite O-Rings

  • Team Members: Caroll, Frederick
  • Sponsor: DuPont
  • Faculty Advisor: Gallager

Automation of Braided Composite Tubes

  • Team Members: Cubberly, Veres
  • Sponsor: DuPont
  • Faculty Advisor: Gallager

Automation of Cutting, Weighing, and Sorting Tubes

  • Team Members: Patel Jaykumar, Samad
  • Sponsor: DuPont
  • Faculty Advisor: Gallager

Transformer Oil Extraction Device Automation

  • Team Members: Patel Priyank
  • Sponsor: First Energy
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Somnath

​​​​​​​Automation of Braided Composite TubesAutomation of Composite O-RingsTransformer Oil Extraction Device Automation

Team name to be decided

  • Team Members: Bish, Davenport
  • Sponsor: Goodyear
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Somnath

UV-C LED Assembly for Residential Wastewater Disinfection

  • Team Members: Jones-Allison, Spellacy, Merkushin
  • Sponsor: Jet Wastewater Treatment
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hizlan

Disruptive App – Keyboard & Mouse Replacement

  • Team Members: Thering, Hsu
  • Sponsor: Jymball, LLC
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhao

​​​​​​​Disruptive App – Keyboard & Mouse Replacement

Solar Shed

  • Team Members: Hamideh, Zito, Ross, Al-Sakhbouri
  • Sponsor: MTD
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stankovic

NASA Psyche Mission: 3-D Asteroid Viewer

  • Team Members: Reaser, Dahal, Kadoutchek, Ullman
  • Sponsor: NASA
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhao

NASA Psyche Mission: Space Object Virtual Reality

  • Team Members: Urioste, Adhikari Parbat, Darling, Zhou
  • Sponsor: NASA
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Essa

Solar Powered Exploration of the Venus Atmosphere

  • Team Members: Meadwell
  • Sponsor: NASA GRC
  • Faculty Advisor: Gallager

Parallel Computation of Groebner Bases on GPU

  • Team Members: Dauchy, Hojnacki, Leeseberg, O'Shaughnessy
  • Sponsor: NASA GRC
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sang

​​​​​​​NASA Psyche Mission Robotic Explorer for Hypothesized SurfacesNASA Psyche Mission Space Object Virtual RealitySolar Powered Exploration of the Venus Atmosphere

Smart Hub for Supply Valves

  • Team Members: Donika, Melnik, Stepanov, Adhikari Mahendra
  • Sponsor: Oatey
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chu

Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Water Quality Monitoring on Lake Erie

  • Team Members: Parker, Patel Ashih, Meyer, Mieyal
  • Sponsor: Parker Hannafin
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tayahi

​​​​​​​Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Water Quality Monitoring on Lake Erie

Parker P1/PD IoT Embedded Sensor

  • Team Members: Jindra, Trem
  • Sponsor: Parker Hannafin
  • Faculty Advisor: Bogdan

Sensorless BLDC for HVDC Motor Control

  • Team Members: Ivashchuk, Montanaro, Roberts, Simpson, Mersek
  • Sponsor: Parker Hannafin
  • Faculty Advisor: Ana Stakovics

Ejector Pump Software Development

  • Team Members: Gurung, Subedi
  • Sponsor: Parker Hannafin
  • Faculty Advisor: Bogdan

Connection Sensing in Modular Automation Controller

  • Team Members:Wenz (MCE), Whittingham (MCE)
  • Sponsor: Gallager
  • Faculty Advisor: Rockwell Automation

Rotor temperature measurement

  • Team Members: Alhashash, Alsaqer
  • Sponsor: SAFRAN
  • Faculty Advisor: Toufik

​​​​​​​Rotor Temperature Measurement

FPGA Based GIF LED Display

  • Team Members: Hoang, Lopez, Laubenthal, Mirza
  • Sponsor: Dr. Chu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chu

RISC v SoC (System on a Chip) for Intel FPGA Device

  • Team Members: Musci, Pereira-Castillo, Oyekunle
  • Sponsor: Dr. Chu
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Chu

Powered Above-Knee Prosthesis Design and Control

  • Team Members: Kmieck, Rohill, Ghrabat
  • Sponsor: Dr. Simon
  • Faculty Advisor:  Dr. Simon

Home Test for Blood Potassium Levels

  • Team Members: Morsy, McLean
  • Sponsor: Dr. Tayahi
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tayahi

Smart Share - A Smart Contract Based File Sharing System

  • Team Members: Manolache, Blahovec, Kline, Nurov
  • Sponsor: Dr. Wang
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wang

VikingCoin - A CSU Crypto Currency

  • Team Members: Dezember
  • Sponsor: Dr. Wang
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Wang

WiFi FTM (Fine Timing Measurement)-based Indoor Positioning

  • Team Members: Forde, Osborn, Kok, Timalsina
  • Sponsor: Dr. Yu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Yu 

Internet Traffic Analysis on GENI Networks

  • Team Members: Rosandic, Buchan, Chodvadiya, Glukhov
  • Sponsor: Dr. Zhu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhu


Security of Wearable Computing

  • Team Members: Buhamad, Jandric, Lakota, Wiggins
  • Sponsor: Dr. Zhu
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhu

Fine-Grained Player Activity Recognition in Baseball Games Using Computer Vision and Deep Learning

  • Team Members: Ipinmoroti, Shadle, Gray, Quigley
  • Sponsor: Dr. Zhou
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhou

Securing Sensor Data Collection and Processing in Power Plants Using the Blockchain Technology

  • Team Members: Rose, Gorti, Lai
  • Sponsor: Dr. Zhou
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zhou

RFID and WiFi Microcontroller to Collect, Upload, and Verify Attendance

  • Team Members: Gilkerson, Lantz, Alqallaf
  • Sponsor: Dr. Bilodeau
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Bilodeau

Full System Engineering of a Pneumatically Powered Robotic Appendage

  • Team Members: Henderson, Sawicki, Barlett
  • Sponsor: Dr. Gao
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Gao

"bAIthoven" Piano Improvisation Robot

  • Team Members: Park, Wyar, Li, Nehal
  • Sponsor: Christin Li
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Fu

Security Bot

  • Team Members: Gunther, Matz, Sheehan, Yushchishin
  • Sponsor: Adam Gunther
  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. GaoAutomated Greenhouse Control and Analytics