Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Career Opportunities

Cooperative Education (co-op) Program

"Co-ops allow the student to gain work experience through a relationship with the college and the employer, allowing them to explore different career opportunities. They are able to try new areas of professional experience and develop and apply communication skills."

US Department of Labor - Occupational Outlook Handbook

"According to US Department of Labor, those areas that are relevant to our programs are expected to grow faster or much faster than average of all occupations for the 2010-2020 decade."

CSU Career Services

Cardinal Scholars Tutoring Opportunity
Engineering Faculty and Administrative Contacts
Dr. Anette Karlsson Dean, College of Engineering
Dr. George Chatzimavroudis Associate Dean of Operations
Dr. Paul Lin Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Dr. Jorge Gatica Chemical Department Chair
Dr. Norbert Delatte Civil and Environmental Department Chair
Dr. Chansu Yu Electrical, Computer & Software Department Chair
Dr. Mounir Ibrahim Mechanical Department Chair
Dr. Fouad Abou-Ghalioum Engineering Technology Department Chair
Sandra L. English, Esquire Cooperative Education Program & Diversity Initiatives